Crazy Old 80’s Muni Workout Lady of the Week

She works hard for the money, so hard for it honey! I’m sorry I had to do that. When I spotted this mature woman on the bus decked out in 80’s work out attire the first thought that came to mind was “she must be going to a themed party… at 7:45 in the morning… on a week day, hosted by my Grandparents!”

Okay I was on my way to work very early that fateful morning and there was no way that this older woman was going anywhere but the gym all dressed like she stepped out of a “Lets get Physical” music video staring the talented Olivia Newton John. Of course this woman has just stepped out of a time capsule and I say this because the only women I’ve ever spotted in this get up was 1. My adopted uncle’s very attractive 20 year old girlfriends when I was a really little kid… IN THE 80’s! or 2. on a random Friday/Saturday night by drunken, cackling, early 20 year old’s feeling “vintage” and celebrating a friends birthday. Yes, I admit, I’ve been one of those 20 somethings wearing the 80’s get up for a friends birthday. As a matter of fact that was actually me last month, but I usually go the rocker route and not the Jane Fonda route.

So it happened to be another one of my favorite Crazy Muni Moments on my favorite form of public transportation in San Francisco, the notorious SF Muni! So please, please enjoy… especially her totally radical and bodacious silver glitter gym bag and color blocked red and black sweatband that circles her tightly pulled pony tail! Old and bold 80’s work out babe, rock that style and hopefully I’ll see you around more… I’d like to see what other outfits you have in your arsenal.

Yes Olivia, Lets get Physical!

Let me hear your body talk, your body talk!

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Crazy Furry Muni Man of the Week

Okay with this amazing find I really thought this man was sitting with a dog on his lap. I wish I could have taken a picture of him when he stood up. But alas, all I was able to get was him sitting down with a furry appendage.

Along with the dog tail, this man was also adorned with a nice corporate suit jacket, crazy purple and black striped pirate pants, and pirate looking boots. He looked like a crazy hodgepodge of styles. He was a furry corporate Rastafarian pirate! Yikes!

Corporate Rasta

+ BadAss Pirate

+ Furry= Lame! Sorry...


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Crazy Muni Man of the Week!

The other day I was riding home on the wonderful one and only moving national monument, the San Francisco Cable cars. I consider this in the bus family since it is part of the Muni system in SF, so the crazy bus/muni/bart/underground trains people all count! I was taking the California cable car home after a long day at work when this guy stole my favorite spot on the trolley! I love holding onto the outside feeling the wind blow through my hair and the slimy, sneaky, 70’s looking, used car salesman pushed me into the bench and away from the freedom of holding on for dear life. I was so angry that I almost didn’t realize that I needed to take a picture of him and his most creative outfit! He even had his hair slicked back to put on the finishing touches.

Crazy Muni Man of the Week!Upon closer inspection he looks a perfect smash between someone who is going to sell you a piece of crap car and a shady goon who’s going to fix some nice brand new cement shoes on you and drop you off Pier 39. Then he’ll go grab a mouthwatering meatball in North Beach and laugh while you swim with the fishes see.

Used Car Salesman

A used car salesman with oil dripping down on his forehead. He may also be constantly scratching his privates and he thinks it's cool.

30's Gangster

"Very well. You have made your choice. I shall see that you get a proper funeral with the fish, so that you do not disturb me any longer."

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Crazy Bus Geek!

Okay this one is a doozy! I found this Crazy bus geek of the week and kind of giggled but when I saw his long party braid in the back I had to snap a picture!

This guy looks like he watched too much MIB, Matrix and Blade! Someone needs to cut Samson’s locks off because I’m sorry women do not dig the do and it doesn’t give you futuristic super human powers! There is no party that will allow you in looking like you are about to hop into the Matrix. So Blade is asking for his look back albino Morpheus!

Give Blade his look back before I go all Matrix on you!

There's only one Blade bitch and that's me!

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Crazy Bus Lady of the Week!

Just the other day I was on the phone chatting to Danimal on the 1 California Muni when I looked across the isle and I saw this crazy bus lady sitting right in front of me.

If I continued to not pay attention on the bus, like so many people do reading their books and messing around on their iphonepadpod, I would have missed this gem of a lady. As it was I was kicking myself for not having a camera in my purse and then it dawned on me that I was currently using my camera as a phone! I told Dan that I would call him right back because this is very very important and I sneakily snapped a pic while pretending to text to a friend. Giggling later we came up with the realization that this woman looked like a cross between Doc Brown and Magda from the movie “Something about Mary”

– Miss Kate –

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Rude and Crazy Bus People

I’ve decided to kick off the ‘Crazy Bus People’ of the week with a story of a bus, a rude man, and a nice scalding cup of Starbucks coffee. This may sound weird but I have a strange obsession with crazy bus people and ever since I moved to SF and began to take Muni, I’ve been snapping pictures of people that I find extremely strange or all together crazy looking. After careful consideration I’ve decided that I was going to kick off a weekly Crazy Bus People post here on Mixed Nuts and Quips with all my crazy bus stories and funny pictures of those people on the bus you either want to point at or kick really hard. For those of you who haven’t seen this footage yet… this happened in San Francisco, on the Muni, line 30 Stockton. Just a warning for those of you with sensitive and fragile minds, there is foul language used in this video and some mild violence.

Basically that’s just an average day on the buses in San Francisco and I happen to avoid or come across stuff of this nature on the bus every day. Today a fun incident happened to me on my way to work. I was only two stops away from my office building in the Financial/South Beach District when a man, carrying way too many items to be considered safe on a moving bus, asked to sit next to me. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t see his fresh brew of Starbucks coffee that he was juggling in one of his hands, otherwise I would have asked him to sit else where and would have spared me wearing the pungent smelling brew. One moment I’m moving out of the way nicely for a packed camel of a man, and the next second I’m having hot coffee sloshed on my head, face and down my nice sweater! I froze in utter horror that this was actually happening to me! I thought that food and drink were strictly prohibited on Muni, but I was wrong. There I was dripping away and all the guy had to say over and over again was “It was an accident! It was an accident!” What ever happened to when people would apologize, pull out their hanky for me to borrow/ dab myself with and offer to pay for my dry cleaning bill! Gone apparently! All gone and sadly left me smelling of coffee and seething all day over the fact that not only did I get drenched before work but that the blatant lack of decency the world once had is now hiding or gone forever.

-Miss Kate-

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Oh Say Can You Seeeeeee!!!

Happy 4th out there to all my homies. This is a day of not working, barbecue and copious drinking. Why, I (vaguely) remember celebrating our beautiful nation’s rise from the ashes of oppression and tyranny shouting, “We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive!” by buying an inflatable kiddie pool and swearing on the names of our forefathers not to leave said pool until there was absolutely no room left for human occupation because the sheer amount of beer bottles would be too great.

Like this, but less 'should-have-been-aborted' children and more beer.

And let me tell you, mission accomplished. Now that’s patriotism if you ask me. Glenn Beck would be so proud he’d write it on his chalkboard.


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